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STIS is a respectable construction company. They provide the best quality services for over 20 years. Among their customers are Geant Poland, Mostostal Puławy, Egurrola Dance Studio and many more. The company gets the positive opinions from their customers.


There are some dark sides of the business.  Many contracts in the different locations made every branch work independently. Every employee had different documents on their computer. The employees used to send the documents via e-mail if neccessary. Sales evidence, invoices and the construction management software used to work independently in every department. All of these factors made the contracts delayed and full of mistakes.

Mr Radosław Zieliński, CEO of STIS, had been offered to use Ignis Office before, but he had considered its price too high. He decided to invest in his own server room. This solution was not as successful as he thought. The implementation was constantly delayed for over a year and it did not fix the problems with integration of the company branches.


Mr Zieliński has recalled the Ignis Office offer. Next day he moved all the documents and applications to the platform. Everything was ready to use in few minutes.


The employees have an access to their documents and applications anytime, anywhere. All the branches were integrated. The team forgot how they used to send files via e-mail. Nobody needs to remember on which and whose computer the particular invoice is.

My employees tell me their work is much more comfortable now. I didn’t have to buy any new hardware and everything is working fine. Time is money and so is peace of mind – says happy Mr Zieliński.


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