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Cegips is a wholesale building material company from Gdańsk. They offer a wide spectrum of building and finishing materials. Since the number of customers is increasing, the company has decided to open a new warehouse in Reda


Opening a warehouse is just the first step. Besides the new sales hall, there are also required the computer workstations and the proper communication with the headquarters.  There are also the software (Enova, Microsoft Office, Płatnik), documents and client database to move. It generates the additional expenses and time for adapting the hall to work. The headquarters were afraid of delay of the opening of the new warehouse. It would be directly reflected in the company’s income.


Mr Robert Dumański, CEO of Cegips, has recalled his headquarters in Gdańsk has actually been using the Ignis Office platform. The expensive purchase of the new servers and computers was not a problem anymore. There also was no need to move a large amount of data. In the Ignis Office system, all the computing is performed by outsourced servers. Mr Dumański had only to buy some medium-tier computers. His employees connected them to the network and logged in to their Ignis Office accounts. They had a direct access to the neccessary data and could start to work immediately.


With Ignis Office, Cegips could save a lot of time and money. The new warehouse in Reda has been opened without delay and the employees adapted to work very quickly. The team of the both warehouses has access to each other’s resources. The management can monitor their work from any location.

The customers get their benefits too – they are served fully professionally.


work comfort


IT system speed



money saved


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